1. We hope that the product descriptions are sufficient. In case of questions and doubts, please contact us using: Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/one.second.closer/email address :


  2. Please do not use our Instagram account for communication.
  3. One.Second.Closer is a company specializing not only in the sale of parts, the basic task is the design of new parts. It may happen that we are busy designing or producing parts and we will not respond immediately. Please be patient and understand the specifics of our work.
  4. We do not make individual parts, but we are always happy to receive new ideas and suggestions for changes in our products.
  5. The prices of our products are based on the costs of their production. Regardless of the quantity of products purchased, the shipping cost remains constant.
  6. Our goal is to keep the shipping cost of purchased parts low.
  7. We send all purchased parts in priority and registered letters by Dutch Post & Poczta Polska. On business days, shipment is sent within 24 hours. Shipment numbers are automatically displayed on PayPal. In addition, you will receive information in the form of an e-mail. The time of shipment depends on its destination. Letters are sent from Poland, in most European countries are delivered within a week. Outside Europe, delivery of a letter usually takes 7-24 days.


    Please remember that usually registered letters require a signature when they are received.

  8. We kindly ask to check the status of the shipment after it has been received.
  9. The guiding principle of our company is to trust our clients. We are not responsible for delays in shipment in the country of destination, delays related to customs clearance, the disappearance of letters in the countries of destination, the destruction of letters by postal workers. Nevertheless, in the case of problems with the delivery of our products, we try to solve them in accordance with the expectations of our customers.
  10. We wish all our clients to build watches that are unique and one of the kind.

    Krzysztof M. Janikowski